Farewell to the Malmroses


A Mission Call to the West Indies


We were thrilled when our mission call came from President Hinckley to serve for 18 months in the French Island of Guadeloupe in the West Indies.  Somebody has to do it, and we’re glad it is us.  Little did we know how much of an adventure it would be.


Flow Retirement Party:

After 23 years at Flow International, his co-workers threw a great goodbye party with a Caribbean theme, to wish us well on our new adventure.  Note the pics.

Gerald at Flow International

Jack Keyes

The Flow Waterjet cut dinasour

The office bookcase

The Apps Team - Jerrle, Susie, Alicia and Jamie

The Dynamic Duo

The baton passing

Glenn roasting Gerald

Preparing Gerald for Caribean mission

Now ready for retirement

Mark successfully got him!

And they all enjoyed it

The planning queens

Chip and Dale




We had a great opportunity to travel to see our friends, the Vincents.  It was wonderful seeing both Yvon/Francoise and Roger/Nicole and families.  France was beautiful, and we had such fun eating and talking about old times.  They and their families are doing well, and we loved being with them again.  We found out that one of their in-law relatives lives in Guadeloupe.  We have since gotten to know him quite well.  It is a small world.


Roger and Nicole

Roger, Nicole and Christian

Roger and his salad

Patrice and Majorie

Philippe, Elisabeth and Christian

Patrice with his camera

Christian when he is serious

Emmanuelle, Charles and family

Emmanuelle's daughters

Emmanuelle and Lorna

Yvon and Laura

Francoise in kitchen

Hervé, Agnes and Celine

Boulets - Hervé and Agnes

Hervé and Agnes at the presidential reception

Agnes at the ball

Boulet home

Hervé's apartments

Hervé the senator

Shopping in France




We thought we would have plenty of time to get ready to leave, but found that time ran out on us.  With all the paper work and medical things to do, along with getting the house ready to sell and boxing up all our stuff for storage, we were busy until it was time to go.  If it hadn’t been for family help and ward family, we wouldn’t have made it on time.  But somehow it got done.  Steve finished the new garage in a record amount of time, and we got all the boxes moved into it.  We don’t know what we would have done without the Priesthood and Relief Society sisters!  Somehow during all the boxing and moving, Lorna hurt her back with probably a herniated disk that got worse for the next couple of weeks.  We decided to ignore it and continue with our plans.  It is beginning to get better.  The pain is slowly getting less, but the numbness in the leg and foot continues.  Hopefully with time, that will improve.






Our granddaughter Catherine flew up to represent the California family.  It was great having her share this special time with us. She even asked to go to 6 AM seminary.  Now that’s dedication!  We had a wonderful time with her and she had such fun with her little cousins and they adored her.  We also took her to visit with Grandpa Bert.  It was good to be with Dad Bert and Rhonda again.


We spoke in church the Sunday before we left. We shared the program with Elder King, who had just returned from his mission to Brazil.  He is related to us through a great-grandmother McPhail, so it was all the more special to hear about his mission experiences.  One highlight was having our 10 year old grandson Isaak sing “I Hope They Call Me on a Mission”.   It was perfect, of course, and we were so pleased.  Maybe we will sing at his farewell someday?


Then, as if that wasn’t a perfect enough day, our dear friends the Nielsens held an open house to bid us farewell.  It was a lovely time to visit with so many friends.  How blessed we are to have such wonderful people in our life.  So many Sequim friends wished us Bon Voyage.  Our wonderful neighbors are watching out and caring for our property, so that we don’t have to worry about anything.  What a blessing.


We had everything boxed up and our bags were packed and at our front door ready to be taken to the airport by the Mellotts.  We checked our email and found one from our mission president saying that maybe we should wait to come into the field since our Visas weren’t in yet.  We explained that we didn’t have any place left to stay and that we had to come, with or without a visa.  So….off we went the next day to head to Idaho to visit family there, with a prayer in our hearts that our visas would come through and we wouldn’t have to spend time somewhere else waiting for them.


Becky Johnson and Denise Nielsen

Calls and Knudsens

Catherine with cousins Audra and Grace

Catherine and Grace

Catherine and Grace to each other

Chance Lee - HPGL

Clarks and Ernie

Gerry Wilson and Peats

Grandpa Bert Petersen

Lorenzen - Arndt, Wendell and Susan

Malmroses at farewell


Catherine with grandparents Mellott

Noah and Kyle

Olivers - Home teachers

Reeses and Henderson

The temple chics

The daughters - Amber and Audra



Utah/Idaho Visits:


We landed in SLC, rented a car and headed out to Saratoga Springs to visit the Carlsons.  We had a great time catching up with them and seeing their lovely new house.  We stayed with them until the next day when we headed up to Idaho to visit family there.

Heather and Frank Carlson


We got to see a lot of the Emfield clan, check out the new babies and catch up on a lot of news.  Donna had all the siblings and spouses over to their house for dinner, and we just enjoyed each other as we shared childhood memories.  Later we all got together with the next generations.  It was neat to see so many that we hadn’t seen in a long time.

Emfield patriarchs

The old couples

Aaron Emfield and family


Anna Miller and children

Brian and sons

Celeste and kids

Donna in kitchen

Jeanie and Celeste

Deep discussion

Grandma's new baby


We decided to visit Rigby to see cousin Bruce & Luana Eckersell.  We also got to see Laine and a few others of the family who live there.  It was fun to see them and to bring back memories.  Over the years Lorna spent many fun summers visiting Grandma and the rest of the family in that area, going to the movies or playing in the city park.  We love our extended family too. 


As part of our long range plans, we have prepared the final resting place, and we have chosen to be buried in the Rigby Cemetery near so many of our loved ones who have gone on before us.  While we were in Idaho, we went to the Pioneer Cemetery to view our monument and future burial plots as arranged by the famous Eckersell Funeral Home.

Bruce, Luana and Laine Eckersell

Front = Parents - We've only just begun

Back = Children - A rose by any other name is still a Malmrose

Monument located at prime corner of cemetery property


We also decided that it had been too long since we visited with Lorna's Aunt Darlene, her mom's sister.  Although she lives in Wyoming and we were a little worried about the weather, we drove up anyway.  We were able to get through the beautiful passes, but the weather was threatening, so we only stayed one night.  It was great to visit with her and her husband, even for a short time.  She told us stories of her youth with Mom Audra and the rest of the family. She is as delightful and fun as ever.  We wish we could see her more often.  We did get on the road early the next day and got into some nasty snow flurries but made it through, ahead of a big storm.  The driving was a little scary, but we are glad we did it! 

Darlene Eckersell Eckerdt

Bill and Darlene Eckerdt

Ann Hanson's painting

Ann's workshop

View from Ann's house

Teton mountains

Wyoming pass

Wyoming plain

Wyoming red mountain

Wyoming red rock

Wyoming rocks


Lorna’s back was still bothering her from the move.  She thought it was a pinched nerve or maybe a strain, but it continued to get worse and worse.  She went to see Gary and he treated it.  It got better for a while and then got worse again.  He thought maybe it was a herniated disk but couldn’t be sure without an x-ray.  She hoped it would get better in the MTC; so she had a blessing and decided to keep going.


We returned to SLC and stayed with cousin Linda Leeper.  We had such fun together with that part of the family.  They are so much fun and gave us a great send off.  Linda was the one who drove us to the MTC the day we entered.  Neat memories to share and we appreciate our wonderful family.

Kissin cousins

The Leeper family

Linda and Larry Leeper


Lorna was still having back pain and some numbness in her leg and foot, but after prayer she opened the scriptures, and they said that she was to go.  So….that’s what we did.



MTC here we come:


We entered the MTC on Monday morning.  We were assigned a room on the third floor of the couples building.  Gerald got a good workout carrying up our four pieces of heavy luggage, since there was no elevator.  Normally, Lorna would have carried the luggage, but you know her back was out of order.


We had a wonderful week at the MTC.  Lorna’s back was still a problem, but the pain was gradually getting less.  We attended the various classes and learned a lot.  We have never seen so much food served in such short order in our lives.  Good thing we were able to walk a lot between classes and get some exercise.  The weather was beautiful and the mountains glorious.  The spirit at the MTC is of course, wonderful.  It is thrilling to meet so many young elders and sisters, along with couples, who are heading out to the four corners of the earth to help spread the gospel.  We met a number of people we knew from years ago and made some new friends as well.  We were invited by another couple to attend the Tippanogus Temple and that was enjoyable.  One of the highlights of our week was when the BYU Men’s Chorus performed for us on Easter.  That was neat.


One of the special experiences at the MTC was to meet so many people with common connections both past and present.  Click here is a list of some of them:



On Wednesday of our MTC week, our Visa’s arrived allowing us to go directly to Guadeloupe in the West Indies on time.  We felt so blessed that they came through.  After a flight to New Jersey, then on to Puerto Rico, we arrived at the airport in Guadeloupe.

Guadeloupe, here we come!


After such a long trip we wondered if anyone would be there to greet us.  It was a relief to look up from the line at immigration and see several men dressed in white shirts and ties.  We knew they had come to meet us.  Several Elders and President Gamiette, the district president, had come to take us to our temporary apartment.  What a wonderful, warm greeting they gave us.  They seemed glad to have a senior couple, since there hadn’t been one in the French islands for many years.  We were assigned to take over many of the logistical operations that the Elder’s have been doing for years.  We hope that this will lighten up their load so that they can spend more time doing missionary work.


MTC Entrance

Location of Guadeloupe

Elder Malmrose & Joseph Smith

Hurrah for Israel - Heber Kimball & Brigham Young


Elder Miller alive again

Millers and Malmroses

Mount Timpanogas Temple

Angel Moroni

Fred & Laurel Leavitt

Leavitts, Sis.Barlow, Malmroses, Supingers, Ottosens

Millers, Skousens, Sisters West & Paulukaitis

Flowers in Bloom

Flower closeup

Mountain behind MTC

Provo temple behind MTC



Introduction to Guadeloupe:

Here are a few pictures taken when we first arrived.  Our next installment will have many more.

White bird is always near by to pick insects from the cattle's coat

Bananas are grown all over. They are protected with blue plastic.

Elder Malmrose in Capesterre

Happy couple with Caribbean background

Homes are frequently found incomplete for long periods of time.

Island of Les Saints near Guadeloupe

Man in Capesterre preparing to kite surf.

Typical landscape.

Landscape in Plaisance where our apartment is.

A friend. He visits our apartment regularly.

Lorna talks to her friend regularly.

Another reptile - perhaps not as friendly.