To Our Dear Family and Friends

As we ponder this Christmas season, we think of the contrasts we see. We donít have the cool days and nights or any snow to herald in the Holidays, but we do have warm days and slightly less warm nights, with occasional rain dumped in buckets, to cool off briefly. We donít have our family or close friends from the States, but we do have lots of new friends, young and old to celebrate with. We donít have Christmas carols sung in English, but we do have them sung in French and Tahitian. We donít have juicy turkeys, but we do have great succulent hams. We donít have Christmas Eve with our grandchildren, but we do have it with 14 young missionaries, who are far away from their homes too.

All in all there are many contrasts, but there are also many similarities. We still join with many others in celebrating the birth of our Savior and praising Him in word and song, for his infinite gift to each of us. This is a Christian country and decorated trees, lights and nativity scenes are everywhere. The Churches are busy with many worshipers attending. Good cheer is evident all around. Yes, wherever we are, we feel the sweet Spirit of the Lord. Serving a mission has itsí challenges, but the rewards are many as we get to know these wonderful people. They have accepted us and taken us into their hearts, as we have done to them.

Nevertheless, we want each of you to know that we think of you and miss being with you not only at this time of year, but every day. The time is going fast, as we are half way through our mission time.

SoÖplease know that we miss you and will be thinking of you on Christmas. We also know, without a doubt, that God loved us so He sent His Son, even Jesus Christ our Redeemer, so that we would have a chance to be together forever because of the Atonement. Praise Him forever and ever.

Have a Merry Christmas and a joy filled New Year!!!

With love, The Malmroses Ė Lorna and Gerald