Mission Update November, 2007

Lorna, Gerald and the Guadeloupe Missionaries  

(As shown on page 45 of the November Ensign magazine)

Christmas Message


Zone Conference:

This Zone Conference was not only with our wonderful Mission President and his wife, but Pres. and Sister Johnson of the Area Presidency.  They were delightful and gave us wonderful words of encouragement.  The Sisters served a beautiful buffet for lunch.  The Colemanís came from St. Martin.  They are the Sr. Couple there and have become dear friends.  Their picture is taken from the balcony of one of our hotels.  The next picture is through the hotel window.  It looks as if it were a framed picture, when it is actually just a view out the window.   After conference, we had to take our visitors shopping to the Spice Market, of course.  We had a great time.  It looks like President Johnson was either having a great time, or he was glad that it was almost over.

French Guyana Trip:

Elder Malmrose was assigned to travel to French Guyana and visit the two branches of the Church there, Cayenne and Kourou.  We also visited with the missionaries and enjoy that too.  One of our missionaries, Elder Baksh is from that area, and we were able to meet his family.  The Branch had a luncheon for us after church, so that we were able to visit and get to know them better.  They are great people, and it was inspiring to hear their testimonies. You can see by their smile, what a happy people they are.   Our hotel was right down town and would have been OK if not for an all night bar across the street.  Oh well, we have to take some bad with the good.

The Kourou Branch was also very nice, although smaller.  Elder Malmrose taught a lesson to the adults.  He asked them when and how they joined the Church.  It was a very interesting lesson.  One of the sisters told how she had come to join the church.  She said that she had been brought up Catholic and not allowed to read the Bible herself.  When she got old enough, she bought one and began to read it and search for a Church that matched what she read in the Bible.  She could see that the Catholics didnít match, so she studied with the Evangelists, etc.  It was years later that she met the missionaries and recognized that what they taught her was just what she had been searching for.  She joined and has been active ever since.


We went to see two of our Elderís off and welcome a new one in.  Elder Jest and Elder Swain have been transferred to another island.  Elder Tevero has just arrived from the MTC.  He is from Tahiti.  We spend a lot of time at the airport as we have transfers every six weeks with missionaries coming and going.  It keeps us busy.


We do have some interesting sights here.  Their cemeteries are quite different than what we have seen before.  As you can see, they use a lot of tile work and build these little mausoleums.  Maybe because they donít dig far into the ground before they hit volcanic rock, so they build above ground.  If you donít have the money, they just use rocks and concrete.  But if you can afford it, they use the fancy patterns that you can see from these pictures.

Also, the night scene is from our apartment window.  It was such a full moon that we were able to take this picture.  Because of the warm weather, the windows are left open most of the time.  Elder Malmrose built screens to keep the bugs out, but most of the houses just leave the windows open and donít worry about the flying insects.  The insects really like white meat, so we try to keep them out of our house.

Talent Show in Basse-Terre:

We attended the talent show held in Basse Terre.  It was a lot of fun.  They love to sing and dance.  Note the beautiful traditional plaids the women wear.  They tell me that historically, the different plaids meant different duties of the slaves, field slave, house slave, etc.  The hats also have different meanings.  We are learning some of the Caribbean history and find it most interesting to learn about their ancestorís struggle to be free.  Columbus came here, and there is a town named Santa Maria after one of his ships.  The city park has some huge anchors that came from his ships.  We will try to get some pictures of the anchors.

 Baptism at Cascade aux Ecrivisses:

The mission is trying hard to have 1000 baptisms before the end of the year.  We are near the goal, and the missionaries are working hard to do their part.  It is always thrilling to see new converts come into the fold of Christ.  We met this sister at Church and thought she was already a member.  She was just visiting but seemed so at home.  It wasnít long before she joined.  This was her baptism.  Her husband hasnít joined yet, but he comes with her, and we hope he will join soon. She chose to be baptized in the river up in the mountains near here.  We met at the building first, and then drove up to the mountain. 

Sister Cesarin

Locked in

Sister Constant

When we were all getting in our cars to leave, we realized that Elder Malmrose was locked inside the building.  Fortunately, they discovered it before we all left.  As some of our friends (the Calls and Knudsens) know, he has a bad habit of getting himself locked inside. I think he just does it for attention.

Sister Constant is one of the longest members of the Church in this area.  She loves doing Family History.  She is the one who sent 2000 names to the temple recently.

Elder Boyd brought a friend to Church.  He is encouraging him to come in.

We have lots of birds and cattle here.  For some reason, these white birds follow the cattle around.  Someone coined the phrase, Bird and Ernie.  We thought it was clever, so when we see them together we just say, Hi Bird and Ernie.

 Baptism near Capesterre:

We also had a baptism at Capesterre.  They chose to be baptized in the ocean.  There were surfers out who were very curious and kept floating by to watch.  This sister and her son were baptized by Elder Alexander and Elder Garrett.  Her mother also comes every Sunday and is trying to work things out to be baptized too.  The daughter says that her baptism was the happiest day of her life.  Hurray for Israel.

Thanksgiving : 

Although we missed being with the family during the Thanksgiving holiday, we did have our adopted Elders over to dinner.  We all had a great time.  It never ceases to amaze us how much these young men can eat.  You can see that we have several Elders from Tahiti and one from the UK, another from Ireland and several from other countries.  As I was serving dessert, I had the can of whipped cream in my hand, and I told Elder Doumbia that at home my grandson Noah always wanted me to spray it into his mouth.  He opened his mouth and pointed so that I would do the same for him.  He liked it too.