Mission Update December, 2007

District Presidency:

Elder Malmrose has dual responsibilities with the Mission and with the District.  It allows him to work with both sides of the equation.  He works with the investigators of the Church and with the new members and also with the leadership.  He has come to love and respect these devoted brethren, who serve so unselfishly.  He is the Executive Secretary to the District Presidency.  President Gamiette is a returned missionary and works full time for CES.  He has a lovely wife and five children, so he is one busy man.  He has to travel to all the different French speaking areas of the Caribbean, so he is often gone.  He also leads the District and is working hard to encourage the members to do all they can to spread the Gospel and become a Stake of Zion before too long.  He is a wonderful, inspired man and we are happy to know him.  His counselors are also great, President Menardin and President Amoussouga.  He also works with Bro. Kasongo and Bro. Gaydu, District Clerk.  They are trying to get each branch set up with computer systems for record keeping.  One of Elder Malmroses goals is to help them get the record keeping efficient both in the Mission and in the District.  And he thought that he had retired, ha! 

District Counselors

Counselors & Clerk

District President Gamiette


We continue to attend Church in this branch, when we are not traveling on District visits.  We have come to know and love the members of the branch.  This is Brother JeanMarc with the Elders.  He is relatively new to the Church, but is progressing nicely.  Brother Eric DeJean teaches the missionaries how to speak in Creole.  He goes teaching with them often.  He lives alone, so it helps him to be part of the Church family.

Elders & Jean-Marc

Eric DeJean

Capesterre members

View from chapel


Our chapel at Capesterre has the most beautiful seascape when you look out the window.  This was taken from the window.  If the sacrament meeting speakers get too boring, one can always meditate while looking out the window.

Here are a few scenes of the area not too far from our apartment.  We never get tired of looking at God’s beautiful creations.

Mountain scene

Typical scene

More scenes



The people here love to sing and dance.  We had a Christmas Chorale and they invited the Branches to entertain each other with a Christmas or Christ theme.  It was delightful.  They wear red and white at Christmas, as you can see from what they wore.  They sang everything from traditional Christmas Hymns, to Caribbean carols.  Some were accompanied by drums.  They asked Elder Malmrose and me, at the last minute, to sing Silent Night in English.  The next verse was in Portuguese, and the next in Spanish.  They ended in French.  We also sang with the missionaries, who sang a traditional Christmas carol in Tahitian.  The audience really seemed to enjoy seeing their 14 young, plus 2 old missionaries singing to them.  What sweet people these are. The Primary children had their own songs to sing too.  The climax of the evening was of course, The Nativity.  How sweet they looked all dressed up as Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, etc. etc.  Even the angels were cute as could be.  It was a unique experience for us to share with them.


Basse-Terre President

Capesterre branch

Abymes priesthood

Solo - Bro. Miatt

Lamentin branch

Sister Gamiette directing

Bro. Giblaca working

Abymes branch


Primary children

Special duet

Elders plus one

Romney Visit:

Church Editor Richard Romney was touring our mission.  He speaks French and wanted to interview some members, especially youth and Primary age kids, for some of his Church Magazine articles.  We were asked to host him and found him to be delightful.  He was interesting to watch because he had a real talent for putting people at ease before he interviewed them or took their pictures.  He took some pictures of the local scenery, but mostly he took pictures and interviewed members.  He interviewed and took pictures of many of our active families (Bastiens, Amoussougas, Princes, Nirreleps and Duflos  He was especially interested in the Gamiette Family because they have four generations of members, with their daughters being the fourth.  You can see how they love to see their pictures in the viewer.  Even the youngest kids will pose and then run over to see what it looks like.  Welcome to the age of Digital!

He also wanted to visit some points of local interest, so we took him shopping in the city center.  It is full of color and unusual sights.  It was a fast paced but fun three days.  Our mission sure has a lot of different things going on.  Maybe that is why it is going soooo fast.

View from Abymes chapel

Bro. Romney meets Sabrina

Romney interviews Bastien girls

Sabrina & Sariah Bastien

Zephorah, Sabrina, and Sariah Bastien



Amoussouga family

Double vision

Gamiette 4 generations

Gamiette fun

Claude Gamiette and sister Catherine Vautier

Gamiettes reviewing results

Grandparent Menardins

Fish market

Fish market

Street market

Strong neck

Colorful market

The drummers


 He wanted to visit an historical site, so the Gamiette’s took us all up to the mountain waterfall area where many of the baptisms are held.  He took a lot of pictures of their daughter there and we wouldn’t be surprised if some of them show up in a Church magazine article one of these days.  We had a picnic there and just enjoyed visiting.

Cascade park

Swinging cousins

Cousin friends

Just for fun

Terry hurrah

Baptism pool


Kids fun

Boardwalk at Basse-Terre

Romney working

Romney and Coco


The End

Lost and Found Missionaries:

 Our Monday morning started out quite normal until the District President told us that two of our missionaries on Martinique, has left for a hike on their Monday “Prep” Day and had not reported in by that night.  We were concerned, but not panicky.  This is winter, but the weather is still warm, even in the evenings.  It does rain and that would be a concern, but for several nights it was clear.  We thought they would be found the next day.  Well, another day went by and they weren’t heard from.  By the second night, the mission president and his wife decided to go to the island and help in any way they could.  They asked that all the missionaries and members fast and pray for the Elders.  By the next day, they had not yet been seen.  Four of our Elders went to help with the search along with several members from the branches here.  We have to admit that we were really getting concerned by the third night.  It was a blessing that a French team of search and rescue people were there on Martinique for training.  They were most helpful.  The mission president called us and asked us to fly to Martinique to meet and host the two sets of parents, who would be coming soon.  When Thursday came, a farmer had found his irrigation interrupted, so he went to check.  Sure enough, there were two, thirsty young men drinking from the pipe.  He recognized them from all the newspaper and newscast programs.  He brought them down, dirty and tired, but unharmed to the arms of their friends.  If there is anything funny about the story, it is that they did find an old abandoned frig. stocked with rum and rum soaked fruit along with some old coke.  They didn’t drink the rum or eat the fruit, but they did drink the Coke.  Needless to say, we were all grateful for the miracle that answered our prayers for their safe return.  They will tell you that even though it was a scary experience, they felt comforted and at peace.  One told me he wasn’t even hungry during the time.  We are glad to have  them back alive.

Let's hike

Thirsty dog

Lost as reported in newspaper

Where could they be?

Pubic awareness

Returned - Down & dirty

Member and missionary rejoice

Mission president hug


They found them

Thanks guys

More publicity - Safe and Sound

Happy group

Rescuer brothers

We helped

Zone Conference:

Zone conference had to be postponed because of the missing missionaries.  When they returned, it was rescheduled for the following week.  They were welcomed back by all the other missionaries who hadn’t seen them as yet.  It made for a great reunion for all.  Some of our missionaries have been doing service for a non-member lady who owns a restaurant.  When she heard about the conference, she wanted to show her appreciation by preparing the lunch.  As you can see, she did a great job and we all enjoyed it.  Our zone leaders, Elder Hooson and Bezzant put on a demonstration about faith and preparation involving golf.  As you can see our gold pro, Elder Coleman, was blindfolded and he had to try to get the ball to the appointed spot in four swings.  It was a bit difficult.  Then Pres. Robison was told to do it without a blindfold.  It was a cleaver demonstration object lesson on preparation and planning.  The 2nd to last picture is Elder Arbizo, who is just finishing his mission.  He has a very interesting conversion story.  He and his brother joined the Church as teens and his mother came after them.  What great young men these are.  We look forward to the day when our grandsons serve their missions.  We know what miracles happen in their lives because of their unselfish service.

And last but not least, is Grandma asleep with her substitute grandkids, a poor substitute for their hugs!

Le Chef

Nice meal

Zone meal


C'est fini


More elders

Blindmas Golf

What's wrong?

Right way

Elder Arbizo going home

Grandma with pets

TV Chorus:

 We were asked as a District to attend a Christmas TV program that is given for those who don’t have anyplace to spend Christmas Eve.  They provide food and entertainment for the public.  We came and sang for a live TV program that night.  It was one of the most interesting Christmas Eve’s we have spent.  We are trying to get a tape of the program.  The TV station has asked that the Church do a TV program each week educating the public on what we believe.  Many people here have never heard of us before, so it is a good opportunity to teach the public.

Christmas choir for Television

Christmas Fun:

We had all the 14 missionaries from our island, over to Christmas Eve dinner.  We had a gift exchange and that was fun for us all.  They wanted to do something for our landlady and her family, so they went upstairs and lined up on the wall by their front door and sang Christmas carols to them.   We also went out Christmas Day and delivered some homemade goodies to our members.  We missed being with our family, but we still had a nice day. 

Merry Christmas goup

Caroling neighbors

Gift exchange

Auto Gift

Football anyone?

Health food

Helpful gift

Little gift to big brother

Power gift

Senior gift


Christmas cookies - Otto

More cookies

Prince family Christmas dinner


 Every six weeks, we go through transfer of some of our missionaries.  We always are sad to see them go but many times they are transferred back later on.  Here is Elder Hooson, one of our Zone Leaders, being transferred.  He was happy that on the day he was to leave, his Christmas box arrived and he got to open it before he left.  We took him and his companion out for dinner the night before they left.  Our three new missionaries arrived the day he and Elder Alexander left.    We are happy to have new Elders arrive, but we miss the old ones too.    

Elders and all

Elders plus one

Elder Hooson smiles

Hooson takes for dinner

Elders Hooson and Alexander at airport

Opening Christmas gift

Happy gift

Off to French Guyana

New Elders Ison, Silvester and Carlson