April 2008 Mission Update:


Youth Baptism:

We not only have convert baptisms, but when a child reaches the age of accountability around 8 years old, they can choose to be baptized.  These are pictures of the little girl from the Constant family.  Sister Constant served on Temple Square as a missionary, and she and her husband, who is the branch president, are now the parents of  4 beautiful children.  The children’s choir sung for her program.  It was a sweet time.

Also, we had a convert baptism the same day.  Elder Garotta performed the ordinance for this dear Sister Toto.

Young or old, baptism is required to enter the Lord’s Kingdom.  We are happy to assist in any way we can, to bring this joy into their lives.


Goodbye Elder Jest:

We always are sad to see our missionaries complete their mission service and return to their regular lives.  This is our goodbye dinner with Elder Jest, who returns to England after his mission.  We make it a tradition to take them to dinner and give them a talk about how to have a happy family.  It is a wonderful time of life for them, as they embark on the journey of life.  We hope they continue to keep in contact with us by email.


Martinique and St. Martin Trip:

We travel to the island of Martinique and St. Martin, for both mission and district responsibilities. In Martinique, we always stay at the hotel that our friend Yva manages.  It is like a mini-mission office as everyone comes and goes often, both members and missionaries, and she always seems to have someone there to visit or to feed.  She is our District Relief Society president and a delightful person.  She has a very inspiring story of her conversion.  She has been faithful continually, although she had to give up a lot to become a member.

There are two branches on this island.  Fort-de-France it the larger and had to move out of their rented building very quickly.  They were able to find a new place to meet and get it refurbished and up and running in a very short time.  The missionaries came and helped the members with painting, cleaning, etc.   Elder Briggs is our area facilities person, and he is the one who gave the approval.  He wanted to see how the finished product looked, so he came to visit at the same time.  He is at the pulpit.  They invited the other branch of Trinite, for the first meeting and then a lunch after.


Shortly thereafter the Allreds, our Family History Missionaries from Santo Domingo, also came to train our consultants.  They are a wonderful and knowledgeable couple and we enjoyed having them.  They held workshops for all the family history consultants and inspired all to get up and going on the “New Family Search”.   Our friend and District Family History Director from Guadeloupe Sabrina Bastien, flew to the islands, to be there for training.  We all had fun learning and being together.  The tall young women with Sister Allred, Sabrina and me, joined the Church a little while ago.  She works at Yva’s hotel.  Her name is Westland and she thinks she may serve a mission when she is old enough.  What a difference the Church has made in her life.


There are several pictures from our hotel in St. Martin.  Sabrina stayed there with us.  It is not an expensive place more for business travelers than tourists, but we like it because it has a little kitchen, so that we don’t have to go out to eat every meal.   We just go to the store and fix our own food most of the time.  Eating out gets tiring, so this is a much better way for us to go.  It has a nice pool for swimming, if we have the time.


Goodbye Elder Busson:

Elder Busson was released at the end of his mission, and his parents came from France to visit him.  So, we had them over to our apartment in Guadeloupe for dinner.  They were delightful people to meet.  No wonder they have such a nice son.  Elder Busson served faithfully for two years, and we know the Lord will bless him for his unselfish service.