November in Salt Lake City


Daylight savings time has arrived and it is getting dark earlier.  The weather has been beautiful.  The nights and early mornings are cold, but when the sun comes out, it gets very nice.  We still walk to work and enjoy the exercise.  Donít know if weíll feel the same, when the snows come.  We do love seeing the temple and other church buildings every day.  With a few exceptions, people are very friendly and we feel at ease talking with strangers on the street.


We attended a leadership meeting for church employees in the theater in the Conference Center across from temple square.  Elder D. Todd Christofferson spoke and answered questions.  We were once more impressed with the wonderful General Authorities, who serve so unselfishly.


Just to the right is a picture of Jared Uffenorde who works at the Riverton programming office in a related department in the development of church membership record management software.  I was his family's bishop in Fairwood when they lived in our ward in the mid-1980s.  It was fun to reminisce when we lived there. We were surprised to see him at the church office.


We attended a Menís Ensemble performance in the Assembly Hall on Temple Square.  It was a free concert and was very enjoyable.  There is a lot of talent and many choices for high quality entertainment in this area.  Even the Assembly Hall building smiled at the concert. 



When Gerald was just becoming active in the Church in his senior year of high school, there was a brother in the ward who took special interest in him and mentored him.  He hired Gerald during the summer to work on electronic equipment and helped direct him in choosing to become an engineer.  He recently found out he lives not too far from us, so we went and spent some time with him and his wife.  Gerald was able to tell this good man how much it meant to him to have someone care about him when he was so new to church activity.  His name is Bro. Philip Snelgrove and his wife is Helen.


Just to the right of Bro. Snelgrove is a picture of Earl Hyrum Malmrose.  Earl is a second cousin, and he came to have lunch with us at the church office cafeteria.  It was great to meet him.


We have been learning to do Family Search Indexing, to help the SLC Stake achieve their goal of doing 2 million names this year.  They had a Stake temple day at the SLC Temple and we went and did a sealing session where we sealed an Edington, a relative of Geraldís, to her husband.  It was wonderful to be in that historical building while serving our ancestors.  We often walk across the parking lot for the Family History library and the lot is often full of cars.  It pleases us that so many people are working there to serve so unselfishly.


Our friend Doris Cole, from Sequim, invited us to go with her to a fireside for her missionary branch.  It was held in the chapel in the elegant Joseph Smith Memorial Building.  It was a fireside of Thanksgiving and included several musical numbers, a violinist, pianist, and several vocalists.  We have never heard such professional and beautiful performers ever!  They were exquisite.  The evening ended with Bro. Klopfer, who is a renowned pianist and composer (Home Can Be A Heaven on Earth), giving his personal story of how he grew up in East Germany and had to escape with his family.  He tells how twice he and his family lost every earthly possession but saved their lives and how that has given him perspective on what really matters in this life. He is a past stake president and serves as a branch president for the senior missionaries Ensign Branch.  We talked with him and several other members of the branch.  One sister Lorna met is 104 years old.  I repeat, 104 years old and is still able to hold a good conversation.  Not only that, her husband is also alive.  What an inspiration these people are!



Lorna's cousin Linda Leeper has an extended Family Home Evening at her house every month.  We were invited and had a wonderful time with her and the family. This month was a celebration of the November birthdays and that was fun.  It was also an evening that we all brought mittens to be given to a charity in the area.  Linda organized it and as a reward for participating, she knitted mittens or gloves for us.  They are really super neat, and we appreciate all she does for so many.  What a talented person she is. After dinner, we went downstairs and had a program of sharing our favorite songs.  What neat people these are.  We will miss seeing them regularly when we return home.  ButÖthatís the earth life, isnít it.  When we get to heaven, maybe time and distance wonít matter.



We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at Earl and Cathyís home.  Daniel and Susan, Nathaniel and Elijah came from St. George, so we were all able to enjoy being together.  Our neat grandkids are really starting to grow up.  No more babies, just pre-teens and young adults. They are fun to be with and see them mature.  We get to see Amberís and Audraís kids regularly, but since Earl and Daniel now live in Utah, this is our best chance to see that part of the family more often.



We had been invited to the home of Paul Malmrose for a Thanksgiving dinner at the same time as with our son Earl.  Since both of them live in South Jordan, we were able to stop by and visit Paul and his family along with his parents Dale and Bonnie.  Dale is my father's first cousin.



Life has its challenges, even on a mission.  It has started to snow and the streets are icy and dangerous. Lorna tripped at the top of the Walmart escalator and bruised her knees and shoulder.  She hurt for a few days, but each day got better, so she didnít see a doctor.  Gerald, not to be outdone, slipped on ice getting out of the car and hit hard, flat on his back.  Lorna watched him for a day and the pain didnít get any better, so she took him to see a doctor.  He x-rayed him and said that he cracked a rib.  He gave him pain killers and said it would take about a month to heal.  Gerald has never had such pain and even stayed home from work for several days.  He is beginning to feel better, but it will be awhile before he is back to his full activities.